I wanted to do my own bathroom remodel, but lacked the skill and confidence to do it myself.  I hired Brad James: The Handyman, and together we finished my project. I got a great education while I "apprenticed" under a very talented and humble teacher. I also saved a ton of money, while improving the value of my home.  I highly recommend Brad James, The Handyman, to anyone that wants to work alongside a skilled craftsman on your own home or if you plan to hire out the work. Either way, he is The Handyman you need and deserve.

Steve  Mitts

DIY Projects

Call BRAD JAMES: THE HANDYMAN to work together WITH YOU on your DIY Project!

DIY: Homeowner "Apprentices"

When the schools quit teaching shop classes, it seems a lot of Americans no longer knew how to work with their hands.  But Brad James, The Handyman, can be there to help you with your project and guide you to a successful completion of your project. You gain the skills and confidence you desire and the outcome belongs to you with a great sense of pride.

Bathroom Tile Shower Installer

Upgrading a bathroom will increase your home value

A simple little thing like upgrading the fixtures in your bathroom will increase the value of your home. Call Brad James, The Handyman, and see what other projects might improve the value of your home.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Do you need your IKEA kitchen cabinets installed?

If you recently purchased cabinets from IKEA, Home Depot, or Lowes, you have probably discovered that the installation cost is more than the cabinets!  Brad James, The Handyman, will work along side you to install your new cabinets. You will save money while earning a great sense of accomplishment!